A bit about me

Hi! My name’s Nick Angiers, I’m an avid gamer, animal lover, language nerd, and microgreens grower, living in Surrey, BC.

I started Meeple Leaf Con because I think that, in our modern age, tabletop games are a great way to bring people together in a way that’s fun, engaging, and socially interactive. I always love it when I see a group of friends, or even complete strangers, laughing and sharing memorable moments, and for a few hours having so much fun that they don’t even want to look at their phone. For this reason and others, tabletop games have undergone an incredible renaissance in recent years, and I want to share the wonderful world of modern gaming with a greater audience.

What is Meeple Leaf Con?

Meeple Leaf Con is a “travelling board game convention”—I tour from city to city with a library of games, including some giant ones you likely won’t see anywhere else, and hold gaming events throughout the year. Currently I’m active in the BC Lower Mainland and Interior; if you live in or near those areas I may be hosting an event in your city soon, if not feel free to send me a message and I may just be able to arrange one.